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     RL Ranch is proud and honored to offer stud services from Jr's Shado, our newest stallion for the 2003 breeding season.  After several years of being located in New Mexico and Colorado, Shado is returning to Texas  with a new owner and a special introductory rate.  Special thanks to T.L. and Joyce from Savell Apps for helping make this stallion part of our family!

     Jr's Shado is an elegant and muscular stallion with an exceptional ability to perform and produce.  This stallion has it all and gives it all to his offspring . . . beauty, brains, and ability!  His get have earned ROMs in Performance, Halter, and in Most Colorful at Halter.  Jr's Shado is producing ApHC Champions and Medallion Award winners.  He improves on any and every mare with which he is crossed.   Shado produces all-around foals with excellent disposition, conformation, and color.

     Shado is considered to be a true few-spot leopard (homozygous for the leopard gene), which will produce appaloosa characteristics with every mare he is crossed to - regardless on the mare's breed or color - GUARANTEED!  He also carries a single cream gene and as a result has produced palominos and buckskins from regular chestnuts, bays, and blacks.

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